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9781946552723 - Kate MacLeod: Tales from Ancient and Future Times
Kate MacLeod (?):

Tales from Ancient and Future Times (2018) (?)

ISBN: 9781946552723 (?) or 1946552720, in english, Ratatoskr Press, New, ebook, digital download

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From Seller/Antiquarian
"Tales from Ancient and Future Times" collects five stories from fantasy and science fiction writer Kate MacLeod: The science fiction story "Taren and Keui", tale of two alien beings finding a way out of a zero sum game.The dark fantasy tale "The Story for the Letters", about a little girl and an ancient evil.The science fiction story "AI: Aesir Intelligence", where the sole survivor of a shuttle crash stays alive on a hostile world with the guidance of some unconventional babysitters.The science fiction story "Upon the Lonesome Wild" about a woman meant to be the matriarch of a far reaching clan on a newly discovered world who instead finds herself alone on a dying one.The science fiction novelette "The Inscrutable Visages of the Sowmyatha" where a young officer finds it easier to communicate with a rocklike alien race than her human teammates. Kindle Edition, Format: Kindle eBook, Label: Ratatoskr Press, Ratatoskr Press, Product group: eBooks, Published: 2018-04-16, Release date: 2018-04-16, Studio: Ratatoskr Press, Sales rank: 1392665